About Me - Sigurdur William Brynjarsson

    Siggi was born in Iceland and has spent most of his photography career in this paradise.During his time as a photographer, he early on found that his passion lies with photographing the beautiful landscapes and nightscapes of Iceland.

      One of his favorite activities is being out, chasing the northern lights and thinking of new ways to top his shots. He has won multiple awards for his work, both locally and internationally, especially for his photos of the Aurora Borealis.

      Sigurdur has also written a book on the subject to aid everyone in getting the perfect shots of Lady Aurora and held nightscape photography workshops in Iceland since the beginning of 2012 with great success. When the days get longer and the northern lights fade into the daylight, he turns his eyes towards the sun and the amazing midnight sun that Iceland has to offer with the golden hours that seem to stretch on forever.

      Along the way he co-founded and was the CEO of Arctic Shots, one of the top photo-tour companies in Iceland according to TripAdvisor, until he left to focus his strengths internationally with Viking International Phototours, another company he started and is currently the CEO of. He also does tours and workshops for Iceland Photo Tours and others.

     Recently he became a Brand Ambassador for Kase Photography Filters along with opening the first agency for Kase products in Iceland. In addition he is a Brand Ambassador for Irix lens, and uses their 15mm lens for all low light photography.

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